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About Me

I really don't enjoy writing about myself; and I don't care much for "labels" to define me. But if I must write something about myself, I may as well make it "creatively colorful". Here goes....

{A Gypsy by blood, an artist & writer from birth, and an herbal healer & crafter from blood, birth, & beyond} I was born near Philadelphia, PA, adopted at 2-days-old, and raised in a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania; I now live on a wildlife habitat filled with trees, plants, critters, and "more". I'm a vegetarian, paranormal buff, mom, gramama, and a fur-kid mom. I'm a friend, a nurturer, a listener. I'm an initiator of mischief & fun, an old soul wandering about. I love animals, nature, herbs, singing, wine, chocolate, home decor & design, the ocean, forests, road trips, music, Yoga, dancing in the rain, moonlight, thunderstorms, and more. I'm a visual artist, designer, fragrance alchemist, writer & folk-herbalist/herbal-crafter. I'm a hippie, a tree hugger, a bohemian, a free spirit. I'm a loner, an introvert, and I like it. I'm a romantic, an optimistic 'cup half-full' kind of girl. I'm a nature, fine-art, dark art, and portrait photographer. I'm a fiction & non-fiction writer (and blogger). At times, I think I may be a poet. I'm a storyteller, dreamer, soothsayer. I'm a drawer of symbols, a visionary in black. I'm a painter & a drawer who uses watercolors, oils, acrylics, colored pencils, graphite pencils, artist pens, crayons, markers, and a computer pen & tablet. I'm a designer of graphic art, multi-media art, altered art, collage art, decoupage art, digital art, and wearable art (jewelry designer)I'm a domestic engineer, a homemaker, a queen of my 'castle', a kitchen witch. Sometimes naughty, and sometimes super nice. I'm a culinary artist with secretly hidden cooking & baking talents. I'm a little bit sugar, a little bit spice. I'm a nature girl creating herbal body, bath & beauty products; natural perfumes; custom infusions, salves, syrups, & tinctures; organic tea blends & herbal oils; natural charms, amulets, & more; and pressed flower art & other nature [hand]made arts & crafts. I'm a plant whisperer, an herbal healer, a wise woman, curandera, folk magician, wortcunner, enchanter, intuitive. I'm a dream walker, a spirit talker, an early-in-the-makings sage. I'm a healer to friend, as well as to foe. I'm a white witch, gray witch, black witch, and green witch. I'm a creative & a sensitive, eccentric & eclectic; I'm always reading, researching, experimenting, experiencing, and evolving. I create art, and I practice art. I craft pretty things, and I craft other things. I'm Spiritual, not religious; I believe in God, our Creator; and I'm in tune with Nature, the Angels, Elements, Spirits and Guides. I believe in and understand Yin & Yang, good & evil, healing & harming, and all that needs to be to balance life. My professional resume is all fancy-schmancy and filled with the names of museums, galleries, businesses, websites, and publications (like I Love Cats, National Geographic Kids, High Times, An Honest Tune, Progressive Engineer, Roots & Wings, and more) where both my works of art, and my writings have appeared. But that's another "about me" category, one of which I will not bore my readers or customers with; unless you really, really want to know, and ask me nice. :-) I own & operate an online shop that features my artworks, jewelry design and herbal apothecary. I publish an artsy & diverse blogI'm also in the process of writing a supernatural romance book series. And my work can be found on several art sites and stock agency sites.

Me, busy? Maybe a little.

{Special note: My Grandparents taught me much about love, life, respecting, listening, patience, herbs, gardening, cooking & baking, music, arts & crafts, writing, Spirituality, nature, and playing a "mean" game of blackjack. I'm forever grateful that they were, and in Spirit still are, in my life}

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